Hi, I'm Schmolek!

be whoever you
want to be...

...without knowing who you are!
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Meet My Alter Egoz - Characters
Meet My Alter Egoz - Characters

Meet my alter egoz

party game & offline social network
Number of players that can play the game
3-6 players
Time to play the game
time: 5 - 30 minutes
The game is for 18+
age: 18+
MEET MY ALTER EGOZ can be played with 3 to 6 people.
1 game with 3 rounds may take 5 to 30 minutes.
Players must be 18+ to play the game.


This game might cause: uncontrollable laughter, disorientation, watery eyes, pretending to be someone else, suppressed depression, unusual euphoria, post traumatic anti-stress disorder, alien abduction, ripped six-pack abs, disturbance in the force, adopting cute animals and naming them "Schmolek", losing at Poker, increased social sharing, long-lasting friendships, missing an appointment, saving money, desire for donuts, contemporary dance moves, ordering pizza, color blindness, purchasing another game copy and vivid imagination.

IMPORTANT: This game was not tested on animals!
Use at your own risk!
Meet My Alter Egoz!

How the game works

make friends, get reactions and win!
Each player get 5 cards

each player gets 5 cards

Shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to each player. Cards must be face down.
[ Each player gets 3 reaction tokens at the game start ]

draw a new card

Draw a new card from the deck and place it on the stand facing all other players. You should NOT see the card you have drawn.
[ All other players can see your card - this is your profile image ]
Draw a card and describe your alter ego
Describe your alter ego

Describe your Alter Ego

say your name, share your hobbies or what's your job, what you do in your free time.
What type of person you're looking for.
You: Hi, my name is Tina*.
Other players: Hii, Tinaa!
You: I'm 32. I love to drink, mostly in bars.
I'm looking for a drinking buddy with good credit history.

*Tina is not your real name!

Other players choose a card from their hands to match your alter ego

All other players choose a card to match your Alter Ego story

The players check their cards in hand and choose a card to match with your Alter Ego story and not the profile image. The selected cards are placed face down and should be shuffled by one of the players, not the Alter Ego.
[ This example is with 4 players ]
Reveal selected cards

Reveal selected cards, then the Alter Ego chooses a winner

Reveal the shuffled cards to the Alter Ego. Now the Alter Ego chooses a match to his Alter Ego story - the card he likes most. The Alter Ego gives a reaction token to the winner. After that, Alter Ego can see his own profile image (card).

Finally the Alter Ego deals one new card face down to all other players and passes the card stand to the next player.
[ With this the first turn ends and next player is the Alter Ego ]
Get Reaction Tokens and Win the Game!

The game ends after 3 rounds

When each player has described 3 Alter Egos the game ends.

Count your reaction tokens - the one with most tokens wins the game!

Hold on a second!

You can win the game instantly!
Win the game with perfect match!
Each card has a different colored symbol at the top left corner. Each card has a perfect match card with the same color symbol somewhere in the deck.

When the cards are presented to the Alter Ego and he picks the winning card, if this card has a symbol matching the symbol of the Alter Ego's card, the owner of the selected card wins the game automatically.

No matter which round of the game it is!

Meet my alter egoz

what's inside the box
Meet My Alter Egoz Card Game Box

1 game box includes:

  • 200 Unique characters

  • 18 Reaction tokens

  • 1 Custom card stand

  • 1 Plastic card stand

  • Game rules

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