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How To Play

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One box of Meet My Alter Egoz card game includes:
  • 200 Unique character cards

  • 18 Reaction tokens

  • 1 Custom card stand

  • 1 Plastic card stand

  • Game rules

Game Box


Shuffle the deck with all 200 cards and deal 5 cards* to each player. The remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table and are used as a draw pile.

Each player takes 3 reaction tokens - these are points in the game. The tokens are not affected by the players count, so no matter if the players are 3, 4, 5 or 6, each of them takes 3 tokens.

*Don't show your cards to the other players.
Game Setup

Game Turn

Choose one player to start the first turn. This player is called Alter Ego.

1. Alter Ego (storyteller)
The Alter Ego gets the card stand in front of him. Then he draws one new card from the draw pile and place it on the card stand with face towards all other players (this is his profile image). The Alter Ego should not see his own card! The card is visible to all other players, except the Alter Ego.

The Alter Ego starts describing his Alter Ego story. One can say anything* about himself like his imaginary name, job occupation, share some of his hobbies or any other personal information. Everything is fictional.

*Check the Game & Story Tips section bellow to see different examples of one Alter Ego story.

2. Choose the best match
All other players now should pick one card from their hands, matching best with the story of the character that the Alter Ego has already described.

After the cards are selected all other players place the cards face down on the table and the cards are shuffled from one of the players, but not the Alter Ego.

The shuffled cards are presented to the Alter Ego.

3. Voting
The Alter Ego should choose the card that he thinks is the best match for his Alter Ego story. He still does not know what his profile image is!

When he choose the winning card, he gives 1 token to the owner of the selected card.

Now he can see his own card and place it next to the winning card. These cards are BFFs (now everyone laughs uncontrollably)!

4. End of turn
To complete the turn the Alter Ego deals from the drawing pile 1 card to each player without giving a card to himself.

The card stand goes to the next player (clockwise) and with this the turn is completed. Next player is the Alter Ego.

Game End

The game ends after 3 rounds, when each player has described 3 Alter Egoz.

Count your reaction tokens -  and guess what - the one with most tokens wins the game!

If more than one player has the same amount of tokens, then you share the victory and means that you are equally crazy!
Game Setup

Wait! You can win the game instantly even in the first turn!

Perfect Match
Each card has a different colored symbol at the top left corner. Each card has a perfect match* card with the same color symbol somewhere in the deck.

When the cards are presented to the Alter Ego and he picks the winning card, if this card has a symbol matching the symbol of the Alter Ego's card, the owner of the selected card wins the game automatically.

No matter which round of the game it is!

*Each card has only 1 perfect match in the deck!

Example Turn

In this example we have 5 people at the table: Todd, Linda, Erik, Chrissy and Jordan.
Each player has 5 cards and 3 reaction tokens.
Example turn with 5 players
Todd is going to be the Alter Ego (the storyteller), so he is starting the turn by drawing a new card from the draw pile and place it on the card stand in front of him facing all other players. This is his profile image, but Todd does not know what the character on it looks like.
Alter Ego describing his character
Now Todd describes his Alter Ego story and says:
Hi, my name is Jared and I am a WordPress specialist, gummy bears eating freelancer and energy drinks antagonist.
I like all things green - matches my eyes, doesn't it?

At this very moment I am looking for a short-term relationship with a female graphic designer with soft nonsensitive skin, who likes baloons, for a website project for unicorn breeders.
Describing your Alter Ego character
The players check their cards in hand and choose a card* to match with the Alter Ego story and not his profile image. The selected cards are placed face down and should be shuffled by one of the players, not the Alter Ego.

*These are the cards that Linda is holding. She thinks that the Vegan Vampire has very soft skin and it's probably nonsensitive.
Players choose their matching Alter Ego card
Reveal the shuffled cards to the Alter Ego. Now the Alter Ego chooses a match to his Alter Ego story - the card he likes most. The Alter Ego gives 1 reaction token to the winner.

We know what Linda chose, but here we can see that Erik chose the Skeleton, because it likes balloons...obviously. Chrissy doesn't have any female characters in her hand, so she chose to give the Leprechaun, which is green (to match Todd's eyes). Jordan decided to go "hardcore" and chose the Drag Queen.

For Todd the best match is the Vegan Vampire and he gives one token to Linda.
Reveal cards to the Alter Ego
Now the Alter Ego can see his own profile image and match it with the card he chose. The matched cards are Best Friends Forever!

These cards are discarded and are no longer in the game. If the Alter Ego decides, he can keep those cards separately on the table and remember the good and bad decisions he made on the social network...
Alter Ego sees his card
Finally the Alter Ego deals one new card face down to all other players (except himself) and passes the card stand to the next player.

With this the first turn ends and the next player is the Alter Ego.

Alter Ego Story Tips

Remember that this is an offline social network. This means that you need to present yourself the way you want other people to see you. Your profile image is not important - you can be male, female or an alien (or anyone else), skinny or fat, with moustache or not, you might like boobs or just ice cream.

When describing your Alter Ego story try to be funny and creative. You can say your name, your age, the kind of job your are having at the moment (or not), your hobbies, things that you like or dislike. You can be extremely positive or hyper negative! This is your Alter Ego after all and it can be as crazy as you want it to be!

You can even change your voice while presenting your Alter Ego story.

Here some examples on how to describe your Alter Ego:
Example 1:
Vivian. 25.
Semi-professional cat exorcist. Karaoke expert. Cookie therapist. Insects liberator.
Personal planking record: 25 seconds.
I'm looking for my besty, my besty, my best friend, go best friend!
Example 2:
Hi, I'm Dick, but actually I'm quite nice :)
I'm a charismatic 57 years old plastic surgeon and I have an expensive car.
I like to sit with my legs crossed and cuddle fluffy dogs.
I want to meet a nice lady with real boobs and special attention to food.
Example 3:
Zuuuuzaa, tu-tu rrrA-rrrA buza du Ogi!
Sorry I forgot that you don't speak this language. Basically this means "Hey, I'm Ogi!".
I'm an alien from a distant planet. I love humans and I love to experiment and probe things. Recently I created my IG page so you can check me there!

I'm looking for a human soulmate to experiment together.

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